LdL als Basis für amerikanisches Patent

William Joshua Herron Nichols



[ 0001 ] This application claims priority to Provisional Pat ent Application U . S . 62 / 639 , 013 filed on Mar . 6 , 2018 , the entire disclosure of which is hereby incorporated by refer ence and relied upon .


Field of the Invention

[ 0002 ] The invention relates generally to pedagogical methods , and more particularly to an improved method of reinforcing proficiency skills in a specified topic by teaching to an inanimate object through repetitive multi – modal cognitive stimulation using staged performances in combination with a multi – media system .

Description of Related Art

[ 0003 ] Pedagogy is commonly understood as the approach one takes to the act of teaching . Pedagogy can refer gener ally to the theories and practices of education as a discipline . The approach one teacher may take to exchange knowledge and skills in an educational context may vary greatly from another teacher , as pedagogy reflects the different social , political and cultural contexts from which they emerge .

[ 0004] Conventional western pedagogies have long viewed the teacher as knowledge holder and student as the knowledge receiver . However , there is an emerging trend to modify these traditional perspectives by identifying the student in terms of an agent of learning and the teacher as a facilitator of learning . Along these lines , learning by teach ing ( sometimes abbreviated “ LdL ” from the German Lernen durch Lehren ) is a method of teaching in which students are made to learn material and prepare lessons to teach to others .

[0005] While the method of having students teach other students has been practiced for centuries , Jean – Pol Martin systematically developed the concept in 1980s in the context of foreign language learning . The LDL method eventually became widely used in Germany in secondary education . After preparation by the teacher , students are placed into small groups and become responsible for their own learning and teaching on an assigned topic .

[0006] Part of the success of the LDL method may be attributed to the practice of encouraging students to cre atively discover ways to teach the material to the others . Side benefits of the LDL method include teaching students respect for others group – oriented settings , planning , problem solving and communication skills .

[0007 ] One variation of the LdL method has been referred as plastic platypus learning or the platypus learning tech nique . The platypus learning technique is based on evidence that suggests teaching an inanimate object improves under standing and knowledge retention of a subject . The characterizing feature of the platypus learning technique is that the student teaches the subject to an inanimate object . Of course , this technique is expected to work with any inanimate object and not only plastic platypuses .

[0008] . There is a continuing need to perfect pedagogical techniques so as to improve the practices of education as a discipline . In modern society , video – graphic content has acquired a dominate share of attention for many students . It would be beneficial to adapt the LDL methods to a video graphic content basis . It would also be beneficial to improve upon current and known LdL techniques through the appli cation of the video – graphic arts .


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