„Learning by teaching“ in China

„Great, so after reading Mr. Xue’s spin on how he’d conduct “teaching by others”, you better ready cause AndyZ is going to take you for a spin and take a deeper stab at this. This whole teaching others concept actually was first popularized by linguistics and language learning professor Jean-Pol martin, which in its abbreviated form is Ldl (originating from German), which basically means learning from teaching others. The way that Professor Martin did this was to allow students to directly teach, and unlike Mr. Xue, he wasn’t facilitating the students to go up on stage and make reports on a particular piece of information; rather he required the students to utilize more interactive methods such as small group discussions and brainstorming, and his role in all this was to perform quality assurance and only intervene when the information was unclear. Based on this, Professor Martin in particular masterfully connected the other two active learning styles on the learning pyramid – group discussion and practice by doing. However, I must admit that this form of learning requires impeccable design in order to be introduced to the classroom. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience as I remember trialing this out in two separate classes at a particular high school in Southern China. Inevitably, Professor Martin’s learning methods have become fodder material for a number of well-recognized elite universities globally and becoming a classical case study for education studies programs.“


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