Learning by teaching (LdL)

Articles/videos in English

  1. Treibhäuser der Zukunft (Video)
  2. Article in Wikipedia
  3. Article by Joachim Grzega and Marion Schöner
  4. Prezi by Peter Ringeisen
  5. Prezi by Peter Ringeisen about Web Sensitivity
  6. Article/videos Goethe-Institut
  7. Protege effect: Learning by teaching (Ontario, 2014)


"Learning by Teaching through Polylogues: Training Communication as an
Expert in Information and Knowledge Societies with LdL (Lernen durch
Lehren)". Joachim Grzega & Bea Klüsener - Fachsprache: International
Journal of Specialized Communication 33 (2011): 17-35.
Summary here:

"A Few Notes on Practising Europragmatic Studies with Students". Joachim
Grzega & Bea Klüsener - Journal for EuroLinguistiX 10 (2013): 90-94.