7 projects: focuse on IPC?

Resume My english is a pity, but I hope everybody can understand it. I’m involved in 7 projects. Some, like the Spannagel/Berger one, are very dynamic, others, like my VHS-alphabetisation are absolutely  inactive. I will shortly describe the 7 projects and their current state of development.

1. Spannagel/Berger and Neuron

This project is utterly dynamic and successful. Everybody here knows it, so I don’t have to describe.

Recent achievements: LdL-Podcast Goanimate

2. Joachim Grzega and LdL

LdL has a lasting tradition and since 1982 a lot of people have been involved in developing and spreading this method. Currently Joachim Grzega is in charge of the project. Joachim Grzega is a brilliant colleague of mine, very innovative and energetic. The problem (I think): he has an enormous account of work to do and is a little bit isolated in Eichstätt.  Recent achievements: see letter nr. 140

3. Michael Kratky and IPC (course: internet- and projectcompetence)

Currently, even if the IPCproject-speed is not so spectacular like other projects here, this project shows the way we have to work in the future. Future elementary teachers from Bulgaria, Germany and USA are making researches about topics they have chosen themselves. They were supported by professors from their universities, in Germany (Prof.Schultheis, Michael Kratky and Tutor Miriam), in Bulgaria (Prof.Mirtschewa), in USA (Prof.Ausband). Here the forums:

Common forum for all projects

– Topic 1: The teachers‘ (emotional) influence on first graders

– Topic 2: Areas of spezialisation for elementary teachers

– Topic 3: Interaction between children and nature

– Topic 4: Types of instruction and learning theories

– Topic 5: Open education

– Topic 6: Elementary education program requirements

4. Teaching French in class 11 (grammar-school)

Business as usual (using the method LdL). The students are nice and willing to learn. Spannagel, his students and Lutz Berger (project 1) will come to my class in january in order to film and interview my students.

Recent achievement: SAT1-TV was in my class on last thursday and broadcasted on sunday. Very good.

5.   “Seniorenstudium”  (Seniors studies) at the University of Ulm with Carmen Stadelhofer

I will hold a lecture in Ulm on december 8 about communication and collective knowledge building. In the summer-term I will hold a seminar (blended learning)

6. Alphabetisation at VHS

I wanted to participate and help in the VHS-Ingolstadt. But currently there is no man who wants to learn writing and reading. And woman, who are mainly moslems, arn’t willing to learn with me, because the courses are individual and I’m a man, so they can’t be alone with me in a room. So I’m waiting for a man to alphabetise.

7. Bringing all the 6 projects together

They are more and more connections between the projects, especially between my class and the Ludwigsburg students.

Upshot: A lot to do, but I could have more to do!